06.697001 - Per inviare un e-mail. Another brief word, at least about Melchizedek. In this way we increasingly become priests in communion with Christ. He is a mysterious figure who enters Sacred History in Genesis 14. We say, rightly, that Jesus did not offer God some thing. Az olvasást követi a meditáció erről a kérdésről: mit mond a bibliai szöveg nekünk? Yet this is a solution that is not an exegesis but rather a betrayal of the text. Lời Chúa nuôi dưỡng tương quan cá vị với Thiên Chúa … Rather, he offered himself and made this offering of himself with the very compassion that transforms the suffering of the world into prayer and into a cry to the Father. Thank you. Yet, on considering this problem closely, we see that these two things go together: Christ's obedience is the conformity of his will with the will of the Father; it is bringing the human will to the divine will, to the conformation of our will with God's will. In this regard, in my opinion, we must understand and learn how to accept more profoundly the sufferings of pastoral life, because priestly action is exactly this, it is mediation, it is entering into the mystery of Christ, it is communication with the mystery of Christ, very real and essential, existential and then sacramental. L'important, però, no és el mètode, sinó aconseguir fer una «lectura orant» de la Paraula. 4:1-11 • Mzm. Let us pray the Lord that he grant us to understand this Mystery ever better, that he make us live this mystery ever better and thus to offer our help so that the world may be opened to God, so that the world may be redeemed. It enters as a mysterious figure, without father or mother the Letter to the Hebrews says it simply appears, and in this figure can be seen the true veneration of the Most High God, of the Creator of the Heavens and of the earth. Mùa Thường Niên And then even more forcefully "In the days of his flesh, Jesus offered up prayers and supplications, with loud cries and tears, to him who was able to save him from death, and he was heard for his godly fear" (5: 7). Dilluns, 23 Novembre 2020. Jn 12: 28). And God answers: "I have glorified it, and I will glorify it again" (cf. Lectio Divina - Year B; Lectio Divina - Year C; Lectio Divina - Psalms; Spirituality. There is mutual interaction between a reader and Therefore emerging with Christ's help from this dark area in our nature so as to succeed in being truly human in the image of God is a lifelong process that must begin in our training for the priesthood. Your Eminence, Dear Brothers in the Episcopate and in the Priesthood, It is always a very joyful as well as an important tradition for me to be able to begin Lent with my Presbyterium, the Priests of Rome. Lectio divina as one of the classic form of Christian Spirituality has been coming out from cloister to the common life of Christians. Mariana Sofronie | 02 iulie 2018 Hall of Blessings Thursday, 10 March 2011 . Hence it was not really abolished but renewed, transformed, so that in Christ all things might find their meaning. Continuing our reading, a sentence of difficult interpretation follows. Yet to me it seems that this answer is not quite enough. That is, he must live true humanity, true humanism; he must be educated, have a human formation, human virtues; he must develop his intelligence, his will, his sentiments, his affections; he must be a true man, a man according to the will of the Creator, of the Redeemer, for we know that the human being is wounded and the question of "what man is" is obscured by the event of sin that hurt human nature even to the quick. We know that throughout the Torah, that is, in all religious legislation, the word tèleion, used here, means priestly ordination. "Lectio divina is an authentic source of Christian spirituality recommended by our Rule. Jesus, in bearing the human being, being human in himself and with himself, in conformity with God, in perfect obedience, that is, in the perfect conformation between the two wills, has redeemed us and redemption is always this process of leading the human will to communion with the divine will. It is a process for which we pray every day: "May your will be done" And let us really pray the Lord to help us see closely that this is freedom and thus enter joyfully into this obedience and into "taking hold of" human beings in order to bring them by our own example, by our humility, by our prayer, by our pastoral action into communion with God. And not only the history of the Chosen People, which is the true preparation desired by God, in which is revealed the mystery of Christ, but also in paganism the mystery of Christ is prepared, paths lead from it toward Christ who carries all things within him. Chiesa del Gesù, Via degli Astalli, 16 - 00186 Roma We know from the Gospels that Jesus cried out from the Cross: "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" The humanity of the priest does not correspond to the Platonic or Aristotelian ideal which claims that the true man is the one who lives in contemplation of the truth alone and so is blessed happy because he only has friendship with beautiful things, with divine beauty, while "the work" is left to others. Your Eminence, Dear Brothers in the Episcopate and in the Priesthood. Practicing Lectio Divina. And the inscription on the Cross truly proclaimed this reality to the world: now there is the true King of Israel, who is King of the world, the King of the Jews hangs on the Cross. This uncommented and somewhat incomprehensible event appears only in Psalm 110 [109] as has been said, but it is clear that Judaism, Gnosticism and Christianity then wished to reflect profoundly on these words and created their interpretations. Lectio Divina. Jesus is put to the test and he confronts this mystery in the very depths of his soul in the sorrow that is death and weeps. Tema a XXVI-a: „Isus învață în sinagoga din Nazaret” – propusă de Oficiul pentru Cateheză al Diecezei de Iași în seria întâlnirilor Lectio Divina din Timpul de peste an – prezintă atât sosirea lui Isus la Nazaret și reacția oamenilor, cât și modul în care Isus a primit criticile concetățenilor săi (). "Father, save me from this hour... Father glorify your name" (cf. Si prega di abilitare JavaScript per visualizzare questo sito web. Let us now look at the individual elements concerning the priesthood as best we can. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Already present here is a third level of understanding: Jesus' Resurrection is not only a personal event. This would be being heard in the sense that God gives him the strength to bear the whole of this burden and so he was heard. We therefore practice it every day, so that we may develop a deep and genuine love for it, and so that we may grow in the surpassing knowledge of Christ. To be man: the Letter to the Hebrews stresses our humanity; we find this surprising for it says: "He can deal gently with the ignorant and wayward, since he himself is beset with weakness" (5: 2). Only in Christ is this need, this prerequisite of mediation fully brought about. It is the divinization of the human being, hence the redemption of the human being, because God's will is not a tyrannical will, is not a will outside our being but is the creative will itself; it is the very place where we find our true identity. However, the Author of the Letter to the Hebrews discovered a citation which until then had gone unnoticed: Psalm 110 [109]: 4 "You are a priest for ever after the order of Melchizedek". The previous tradition had seen Christ above all, essentially, in the key of the Davidic promise, the promise of the true David, of the true Solomon, of the true King of Israel, the true King since he was both man and God. "LECTIO DIVINA" OF HIS HOLINESS BENEDICT XVI . Here let us say: "No, it is not true, his prayer went unheard, he is dead". And this cry responds to a fundamental dimension of the Psalm: in the terrible moments of human life many Psalms are a loud cry to God: "Help us, hear us!". Pokoknya karena Roh Kudus adalah jiwa Kitab Suci, maka Roh itu juga harus menjadi jiwa lectio divina (S.A. Panimolle [editor], Ascolto della Parole e Preghiera: La “Lectio Divina”, 81-103, 187-211 dengan sangat baik menguraikan tentang peranan Roh Kudus dalam lectio divina baik menurut Kitab Suci maupun menurut Vatikan II). Thứ Hai 18 Tháng Mười Một, 2019. Lectio Divina 23.12.2020 – Ia Dinamai Yohanes Puncta 24.12.20: Dream of Me RIP Romo Heinrich Bollen SVD, Pernah Jadi Pastor Komunitas Katolik Berbahasa Jerman di Jakarta This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. This is fundamental and the Son of God was made man precisely in order to be a priest, to be able to fulfil the priest's mission. This is how Christ showed his true humanity. Lectio divina is still exists after more than fifteen centuries. Being a servant of the Eucharist is, therefore, a depth of the priestly mystery. Thus, as the local Church of Rome but also as the universal Church, we can start out on this essential journey with the Lord towards the Passion, towards the Cross, the Easter journey. This means that Christ is the absolute newness of God and at the same time is present in the whole of history, through history, and history goes to encounter Christ. Harnack, a liberal theologian, therefore wrote: "Here a not is missing", it must be written "He was not heard", and Bultmann accepted this interpretation. 06.697001 - Per inviare un e-mail Torna su Questo sito utilizza i cookie per analizzare il traffico a fini statistici ed in forma anonima . Tel: 06 69 70 01 (centralino) - 06 69 91 653 (emergenze), Il Papa al Gesù nella festa di S. Ignazio. Text bíblic: NINGÚ NO SAP EL DIA NI L’HORA - Mc 13, 32-37 Diumenge I d’Advent – Cicle B In his interpretation of the Mount of Olives, of the anguish expressed precisely in Jesus' prayer, "not my will but your will", St Maximus Confessor described this process that Christ carries in himself as a true man, together with the human nature and will; in this act "not my will but your will" Jesus recapitulates the whole process of his life, of leading, that is, natural human life to divine life and thereby transforming the human being. it should be said that the Heavens are now open, worship is no longer enigmatic, in relative signs, but true. True humanity is real participation in the suffering of human beings. I think that basically these two things go hand in hand: being of God and with God and being true man, in the true sense meant by the Creator when he formed this creature that we are. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Bacaan hari ini: Roma 14:1-23 Bacaan setahun: Mazmur 73-74 “Sebab Kerajaan Allah bukanlah soal makanan dan minuman, tetapi soal kebenaran, damai sejahtera dan sukacita oleh Roh Kudus.” (Roma 14:17) Roma … Therefore the priest is not a thing for a few hours but is fulfilled precisely in pastoral life, in his sufferings and his weaknesses, in his sorrows and also in his joys, of course. 2. It is a correct translation of the verb prosphèrein. Lectio Divina is a way of reading/praying Scripture which has various aspects. One should choose a place free of distraction and a posture that is comfortable but conducive to prayer. And this seems to me a first point for our meditation: the importance of the Sacrament. Jesus prayed to be released from death, but he was not released, he died a very cruel death. In this very way he makes his sacrifice, he becomes the priest. Rabu (H) • Why. Let us return to the point that Melchizedek is King of Salem. Lastly. Enélkül az a veszély fenyeget, hogy a szöveg mentségül szolgál arra, hogy soha ne lépjünk ki saját gondolatainkból. (Mk 15: 34; cf. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. On the Cross Jesus is raised above all the earth and attracts the earth to him; on the Cross the "Kabod" now appears, the true divine glory of God who loves even to the Cross and thus transforms death and creates the Resurrection. Please confirm, if you accept our tracking cookies. Lk 22: 43), in such a way that after the moment of anguish he was able to go, straight away and fearlessly towards his hour, as the Gospels describe it to us, especially that of John. The Fathers stressed that he is one of the holy pagans of the Old Testament and this shows that even from paganism there is a path that leads to Christ. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. The other element is that the priest must be man, human in all senses. Indeed, the priesthood of Aaron, in spite of being different from Christ's priesthood, in spite of being, so to speak, solely a quest, a journey in the direction of Christ, is nevertheless a "journey" towards Christ and in this priesthood the essential elements are already outlined. In speaking, in seeing people who were lowly, who had no pastor, he suffered with them. Obedience appears as an alienation, a servile attitude. Pin It on Pinterest. 19:11-28. This is an unpopular word in our day. Jn 1: 14). Facebook. Nella Parola la Chiesa trova “l’annuncio della sua identità, la grazia della sua conversione, il mandato della sua missione, la fonte della sua profezia, la ragione della sua speranza” (Sinodo 2008, Instrumentum Laboris, 12). MEETING WITH THE PARISH PRIESTS OF THE DIOCESE OF ROME, "LECTIO DIVINA" OF HIS HOLINESS BENEDICT XVI, Hall of Blessings Thursday, 18 February 2010. All events. 5: 7). This is achieved and reinforced day after day with short prayers in which we reconnect with God and become, increasingly, men of God who live in his communion and can thus speak of God and lead people to God. This aspect of divine giving, of divine precedence, of divine action that we ourselves cannot bring about and our passivity being chosen and taken by the hand by God is a fundamental point we must enter into. In Christ himself everything is recapitulated, purified and led to its term, to its true essence. Questo sito utilizza i cookie per analizzare il traffico a fini statistici ed in forma anonima . I think it would be helpful to keep in mind the brief text in which St John, in chapter 12 of his Gospel, presents and recounts, in a very concise manner, the event on the Mount of Olives. The whole Davidic tradition refers to this, saying: "Here is the place, Jerusalem is the place of the true worship, the concentration of worship in Jerusalem dates back to the times of Abraham, Jerusalem is the true place for the proper veneration of God". I see three levels on which to understand these words. LECTIO DIVINA (A.M. Cànopi, “ Lectio Divina”, Enciclopedia della Preghiera, Ed. Jn 12: 27-28). antonvil.codina@gmail.com. ©2021 - Chiesa del Santissimo Nome di Gesù all'Argentina - Roma - Chiesa del Gesù, Via degli Astalli, 16 - 00186 Roma Tel. http://www.pitturalectiodivina.com L'esercizio costante della Pittura, nello Studio di Laura Grosso. Thus, with these fundamental elements, paganism too is on its way to Christ, and in a certain way, makes Christ's light present. Others must have at least an authorization from God, or in the Church's case, the Sacrament, that is they must introduce our being into the being of Christ, into divine being. In conclusion, lectio divina is a bridge to eastern-style meditation. It was here that God himself pitched his tent in the world, and this tent, this new, true Jerusalem is at the same time on earth and in Heaven because this Sacrament, this sacrifice, is ceaselessly brought about among us and always arrives at the throne of Grace, at God's presence. It is not sin because sin is never solidarity but always tears solidarity apart, it is living life for oneself instead of giving it. We must always return to the Sacrament, to this gift in which God gives me what I will never be able to give; participation, communion with divine being, with the priesthood of Christ. All this is constantly brought about anew in the Eucharist. Pinterest. And Jesus, who is the true subject of the Psalms, truly bears this cry of humanity to God, to God's ears: "help us and hear us!".